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My name is KEITH AVEDISSIAN –  I provide counselling, psychotherapy & homeopathy in Sydney CBD and Forestville, having been in practice for over 30 years. 

On this site, you will find details about what I do in my clinic and how I am able to support you. IMAGINE HOW GREAT YOU WILL FEEL… when you take the steps to do something to get your health back on track again.

It will be a privilege to work with you on your journey of discovery…

When life feels like it is getting the better of you or your moods are overwhelming, what do you do?

How are you managing that feeling of constantly being stressed?

Do you feel that there are difficulties in your life that you would like to talk about but do not have anyone who can listen objectively?

Are past traumas still haunting you?

This is where I can help as a counsellor & homeopath.

If often starts as an uncomfortable feeling that something is not right within. Circumstances outside may be pushing your buttons like problems at work, difficulties with your relationships, family disputes, unmet ambitions or no clear direction in life.

We tend to put up with these feelings in the early stages pushing them aside believing we can cope.

However, over time, it niggles away, we either turn it inwards & shut it off or it may affect our behaviour through our moods, actions & the way we might treat others negatively.

Counselling sessions help to unravel the workings of our inner world & become an important step in the journey towards reaching a better sense of wellbeing.

Take this step now to understand a little more about yourself, your feelings, & what you could do to help turn those negatives into positive actions.


Interpersonal Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing: Anxiety, Depression & Fears

In my practice, I can use a combination of counselling and homeopathy if requested to assist in the healing process of your anxieties, fears, or stress symptoms.

Managing your interpersonal relationships depends on how well you relate to others.  By recognising and understanding self-limiting behaviours that might undermine your relationship, you will become more effective in communication, handling conflict and coping with emotional intimacy. 

Treatment is aimed at exploring and working towards understanding what causes and maintains your particular anxiety, depression or fear and how to overcome it.

It all starts with YOU…

I have been in practice since 1986.  My practice style may be described as a holistic counsellor and psychotherapist, incorporating both counselling techniques and complementary medicine.  I graduated with a Masters’ degree in counselling and psychotherapy as well as a graduate diploma in counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology.  I also volunteer at Lifeline as a telephone crisis counsellor.

I see individuals and couples of all ages for counselling as well as supporting one’s health in general.


Anxiety and Panic Overcome with Counselling and Homeopathy

I suffered from anxiety and panic for 2 years before I met Keith who used homeopathy and counselling to help me. I had tried numerous things to none avail, starting with Naturopathy and later a psychologist. When I became really desperate I tried antidepressants which made me feel worse.

My symptoms were very difficult to deal with as I didn’t have anything particular I was worried about. It came on and off with upset stomach, nausea and feeling scared constantly for no reason. Sometimes it escalated to panic attacks especially in the middle of the night having awful insomnia until 4 am. Then I would sleep for only a couple of hours to wake up very tired and more worried…

Anxiety Used to Hold Me Back Until I Had Counselling & Homeopathy

Keith Avedissian has been my Counsellor and Homeopathic practitioner on and off over many years. Initially, I was recommended to see Keith as I suffered from severe anxiety when sometimes the smallest things in life were too hard to deal with. With Keith’s help, I quickly became aware of the issues that were contributing to my emotional upset and soon found myself living a fuller life.

For some time, while I was living overseas I had stopped treatment and slowly the anxiety started to return into my life, but never to the degree as to before seeing Keith….