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My name is KEITH AVEDISSIAN; I am your local counsellor & homeopath in Forestville and Sydney CBD having been in practice for over 30 years. It will be a privilege to work with you on your journey of discovery…
  • When life feels like it is getting the better of you or your moods are overwhelming, what do you do?
  • How are you managing that feeling of constantly being stressed?
  • Do you feel that there are difficulties in your life that you would like to talk about but do not have anyone who is able to listen objectively?
  • Are past traumas still haunting you?
This is where I can help as a counsellor & homeopath.
If often starts as an uncomfortable feeling that something is not right within. Circumstances outside may be pushing your buttons like problems at work, difficulties with your relationships, family disputes, unmet ambitions or no clear direction in life.
We tend to put up with these feelings in the early stages pushing them aside believing we can cope.
However, over time, it niggles away, we either turn it inwards & shut it off or it may affect our behaviour through our moods, actions & the way we might treat others negatively.
Counselling sessions help to unravel the workings of our inner world & become an important step in the journey towards reaching a better sense of wellbeing.
Take this step now to understand a little more about yourself, your feelings, & what you could do to help turn those negatives into positive actions.

Our Services

Counselling & Homeopathy

In my practice I can use a combination of counselling homeopathy if requested to assist in the healing process of your anxieties, fears, or stress symptoms.

Interpersonal Wellbeing

Managing your interpersonal relationships depends on how well you relate to others. By recognising and understanding self-limiting behaviours that might undermine your relationship, you will become more effective in communication, handling conflict and coping with emotional intimacy.

Emotional Wellbeing: Anxiety, Depression & Fears

Treatment is aimed at exploring and working towards understanding what causes and maintains your particular anxiety, depression or fear and how to overcome it.

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What our clients say having had counselling and homeopathy

Homeopathy and Counselling Helped My Sons who had PTSD, Anxiety/Depression and Anger and Attention Disorders

I firstly consulted Keith for my elder son, who had been a victim of a serious offense and had been diagnosed with PTSD, the higher level of anxiety, AND major depressive disorder.

At the time my son, aged 13, was not able to stay alone in the house for more than 10 min (which he was able 3 years before), needed every light on in our home when the night was coming, needed company all the time.  He was also easily angry, ultra sensitive and self-conscious, with a devastated self-esteem.

He therefore had a lot of issues to manage in his relationship with his classmates and was an ideal target for bullies.

His sleep was a nightmare and he was ending up every night either in our room or in his younger brother’s room.

After only 1 month after he started consulting Keith, his behaviour started to improve (i.e. he was accepting to be left longer on his own) and progressively I could notice steady progress.

After some months my son was able to be alone again, even to go out in the night that would have been impossible before.  I noticed he became more and more resilient to the hardship he experienced at school and much more able to manage his emotions.

Today my son is his old self again: a happy 14 year-old boy joking and much more confidant and happy with life.

As the state of my son was very serious, the total recovery took some months.

I also experienced the very fast effects of Keith’s medicine when my son had allergy or a cold: in this case the recovery was in the day, even few hours after the start of the treatment.  Very amazing!

I also consulted Keith for my younger son, who was suffering sleep issues, attention issues, fidgeting all the time, and having some huge anger bouts where he could take everything in his room and smash it down, transforming his room in a battlefield.

He also had a decreased self-confidence.

His progress has been the same as my elder son. My second son is now much more confident, more concentrated, and the tantrums have disappeared.

Keith is an extremely caring, competent and effective practitioner. I also really appreciated the patience of Keith, his non-judgemental approach and his deep kindness

I highly recommend Keith, as he is a very skilled and reliable homeopath and counsellor.

Thanks again Keith and all the best 😊

E. Bosle, Frenchs Forest

My 9 year old Daughter with Panic Attacks, Nausea and Vomiting Helped with Homeopathy & Counselling

I am writing this as a credit to Keith Avedissian, homeopath and counsellor, in his treatment for my daughter Linda.

I am confident the homeopathic remedy and counselling Keith prescribed for my daughter was strongly influential in her eventual recovery.

I remember Keith during my Naturopathic studies as he was my Homeopathic teacher. I Googled him, noticed he was practicing, and decided to book my daughter in. She is 9 years old and started experiencing panic attacks at night, along with nausea and some vomiting. She had just moved into her own room, and I thought maybe she was a little frightened being on her own. But these attacks persisted for over a month, happening a few times a week. My husband wanted her to go to a doctor, which horrified me as I knew there was little they could do, and that they would probably need her to run a whole heap of invasive tests.

As her symptoms seemed mainly psychological, I felt homeopathy would be most effective. She is also completely averse to any medication and in the past we have had to hold her down to administer even flavoured Panadol. I took her along to see Keith and his manner with children is very calm and caring. My daughter was very comfortable sharing her symptoms with Keith and in fact developed a rapport with him. I know he has a psychology qualification, and felt he was also acting as a counsellor for my daughter. He was also very flexible with times of appointment, sometimes speaking with us over the phone at random times of need.

My daughter’s symptoms improved immediately on taking the first remedy. She took it without any problem, and remembered some of Keith’s advice about how to handle the kind of feelings wound up with her panic attacks. We have progressively taken new remedies as Linda had overcome her fears. I would advocate any parent sending their child to Keith for effective, natural homeopathic treatment.


Kate, Eastern Suburbs

12 year old with Acute Panic Disorder and Generalised Anxiety

My son who is 12 years old, was diagnosed with panic disorder/generalised anxiety 5 months ago.

We had been to see a wide range of therapists which included a psychiatrist, a psychologist and also an adolescent counsellor.

He was put on anti-anxiety/depression medication but we felt it was just a band-aid. He did not seem like he was the same person once he started taking the medication. We continued with the meds but instead of continuing with the psychiatrist I decided to see Keith Avedissian.

My son was still suffering from severe panic attacks and dark moments in his everyday life even though he was still taking his medication.

We have now been to see Keith for over two months and since starting his homeopathic treatment he is starting to come off his medication. He has started living his life again. It was a gradual but positive transition.

We are so happy that our son is back to himself, in fact he is not only how he was before the anxiety started but even better, as he is doing things he never would have attempted prior to seeing Keith. I believe it is all due to Keith and homeopathy.

I would highly recommend Keith as he has helped our son get his life back, as well as his family, as it was debilitating for all of us to go through.

J. T., Forestville, Sydney

8 Year Old Girl with Chronic Temper Tantrums

I was referred to Keith by the mother of one of his successfully treated patients and it was one of the best decisions I made for my daughter and our family’s wellbeing.

My 8 year old daughter suffered from frequent extended temper tantrums for most of her life. We sought help from child psychologist’s for this as well as sleep & separation anxiety issues & learning difficulties. Various strategies & methods were provided for us to implement in order to control these, unfortunately these were exhausting to manage over extended periods of time with little effect, and in fact seemed to make the issues worse. As she grew these episodes increased in intensity & duration, our family became unable to function normally and left her feeling upset & angry.

Since seeing Keith 6 weeks ago these types of episodes no longer occur, she still gets angry & emotional like any other 8 year old child at times and needs her family support but she is able to manage her behaviour within her herself, gone are the seemingly irrational temper tantrums that lasted for hours. Her moods are also levelling out and her frequent extended colds have reduced in severity & duration.

I would highly recommend Keith be one of the first people parents approach for treatment for these types of issues.

Thank you for helping my treasured daughter overcome these episodes & shine through.

Frenchs Forest

Anxiety and Panic Overcome with Homeopathy & Counselling

I suffered from anxiety and panic for 2 years before I met Keith who used homeopathy and counselling to help me. I had tried numerous things to none avail, starting with Naturopathy and later a psychologist. When I became really desperate I tried antidepressants which made me feel worse.

My symptoms were very difficult to deal with as I didn’t have anything particular I was worried about. It came on and off with upset stomach, nausea and feeling scared constantly for no reason. Sometimes it escalated to panic attacks especially in the middle of the night having awful insomnia until 4am. Then I would sleep for only a couple of hours to wake up very tired and more worried.

I read about homeopathy in a health magazine and thought I couldn’t lose anything by giving it a try. Keith happily surprised me by his approach. Whilst giving counselling he didn’t dig too deep into the past but still gave me some very good advice on how to handle my anxiety.

The homeopathic drops were easy to take and I started to feel the benefit of it after 2 weeks. Even though I went through some tough events during the time I was taking the homeopathic drops, I gradually felt stronger and happier. At first the anxiety still came on but not as strong and I was able to “let go” more easily.

I’ve learnt that this is one of my weaknesses and Keith was great helping me understand it. I would recommend homeopathy to anyone with anxiety. It’s the best that has happened to me for the past 2 years and I can now look to the future with a more positive attitude.

J. G., Frenchs Forest

Anxiety Used to Hold Me Back Until I Had Counselling & Homeopathy

Keith Avedissian has been my Homeopathic practitioner and Counsellor on and off over many years. Initially I was recommended to see Keith as I suffered from severe anxiety, when sometimes the smallest things in life were too hard to deal with. With Keith’s help I quickly became aware of the issues that were contributing to my emotional upset and soon found myself living a fuller life.

For a period of time, while I was living oversees I had stopped treatment and slowly the anxiety started to return back into my life, but never to the degree as to prior seeing Keith.

As soon as I returned, I continued my therapy with Keith and now I am living a very satisfying and fulfilling life. I became very successful in my career as a marketer and started a family with full confidence.

Now my kids are a regular part of the Homeopathic treatment too. My son suffered from strong asthma and eczema, which has slowly disappeared over the years due to the continuous help of Keith.

I would recommend Keith for anyone who would like to improve their physical and emotional being and enjoy a more satisfying and content life. I know that I have that now.

M.B. Rozelle, Sydney

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